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Manifesto 2.0 Posts

Statement 01

“To live is to explore, the purpose of existence is to explore. To explore is to enter the unknown. The domain of the artist is to explore. The role of the artist is to encourage and inspire others to explore, without dictating what one should explore. Hence the artist is…

Statement 02

“To me, art is about human exploration, which is the most important endeavor we can take as a species. For that, I’m willing to sacrifice my health and happiness.” Statement by Bjørn Venø

Statement 03

“Capitalism and Art is a contradiction Capitalism dulls and enslaves humanity Art inspires and liberates humanity Work that is designed for capitalism is not Art, it is a product” Statement by Bjørn Venø

Statement 04

“I make art for you, not for you to agree with me or I with you, but for us to think together.”   Statement by Bjørn Venø