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Chapter 8: Value and the Quantifiable

We cannot escape value, because valuing objects and ideas is to prioritize what we believe to be important. People are different and what they prioritize can be varied, but I think it goes without saying that humans first priority is our survival, the second can be categorized as what makes us happy. Even though what makes us happy is an individual affair, society is capable of defining the structure of that happiness and that I believe is societies core means of control. Our society I argue has defined happiness to be within the quantifiable. We have a scale with a clear bottom; however, the top is relative to the person and is always out fo reach. No matter where you are on the scale you are made to feel lacking, our society provides happiness as a subscription service that is always increasing in cost.

Can we take back the world from a destructive society, by changing our values on its head, abandoning the quantifiable and placing value in the struggle? When winning, perfection, wealth and fame no longer are valued then have we freed ourselves from our enslavers? Those who control what one needs to live will always have power over those who do not, or is there a way to overcome that? It might be that when one has placed value in the struggle and not the goal, it becomes irrelevant how bad the situation is, all that matters would be the struggle, exploring and living actively ideas such as winning and losing become irrelevant.

With the mindset of value residing in the struggle, one could justify negative actions towards others, by advocating that creating hardship is good for people. But if society does not value the benefits of subjugating others to gain quantifiable power would there even be motivation for it? Yes, because there is always a group of people that will try to take advantage of a system for there own perceived benefit. The trick I believe would be not to enable their illusion, to constantly remind them that value does not reside in dominance over others. One can destabilize a bully by not responding to them, as they may lose power when they do not get feedback. However this can push the bully to take more extreme tactics in to play, one example could be creating fear in others and this is where the bully could get the opportunity to gain a foothold because I believe there will always be one who responds to the bully. The determined bully has always been able to exert there will on to society and in the proses destroyed alternative ways of thinking that could challenge their success. In so doing shaping society into what we have today.

As I see it the greatest fictional ability is not super strength, flight our telekinesis instead it would be to nullify any form of attack. Shoot laser beams at Captain Nullify, they become rays of light, drop an atomic bomb it becomes a tiny fart, try mind control and it becomes the whisperers of a fly. The closest I believe we can come to obtaining such a skill would be to place value in the struggle itself, then no matter what we would have to endure we could find happiness in it and by so doing have a chance at destabilizing the bully, but would it be enough?

I can imagine that there would also be those who inflict hardship, not to stimulate their own ego, but because they desire to get the best out of people. The motivation is key and I believe it would reflect in the outcome. I compare this to consensual BDSM, where the submissive might desire experiences such as pain, subjugation, humiliation, and bondage because with the right balance there are great amounts of pleasure to be found. In this scenario the Dom has a great responsibility towards the submissive, to understand the correct balance of hardship that the person can handle and to take care of there charge both during and after the session, but most importantly the Dom understands that it is about trust and that the submissive persons satisfaction comes first even though the reverse may be demanded. I feel that within our society this is often hard to understand for people who have not experienced consensual BDSM, and I believe BDSM attracts many Doms for what I consider the wrong reasons, which would be to stimulate their own ego.

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