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Chapter 17: There is always more than one Question?

I’ve attempted to establish why and how I create art, but also how I wish to live and what I desire to encourage in others. However, I’m left with an overload of fundamental questions that I’m just not able to answer.

What would a world that abandons the quantifiable for the struggle look like? How would we even go about doing that? I suspect that it is not a physical revolution, instead, I imagine it to be an internal and mental shift, I can see it happening within a fringe group of people, but how would it work on a global scale?

How would a social contract that encourages exploration and active living function? Would it be a society where no one shared interests or a common goal, then how would they communicate with one and other, or even come together to create something bigger than themselves?

How would the system deal with those that subvert frameworks to their benefit? Would those groups even matter in a framework that does not value power?

What would education, work and services look like?

When we do not quantify, what would trade be like?

Would people be able to govern themselves and by so doing remove the need for law and enforcement?

I find it hard answering these questions even as a fantasy, but I do know that it would not be utopia, the idea of utopia stems from the valuation of the goal. A good society must always be in a state of struggle towards improving itself for the benefit of all its citizens and the environment.

I also find myself asking, where do my ideas come from, why do I hold these opinions, and most importantly why do I think it is a good idea? I defer to my intuition and an insight I have felt in my gut throughout my life, but that is not something tangible, instead, it could be described as irrational, I do not have a problem with that. There is not enough structured irrationality in the world.    

And what about the questions I’m not even thinking to ask?

For now, it does not matter, this is, after all, a lifelong project.

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