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Chapter 04: Exploration

Is the meaning of life to serve one God or many Gods, do we live to serve a system or do we live for our own pleasure? I do not pretend to know the answer, neither do I maintain that there is an answer, also I have no interest in dictating to you what the answer is, but I do believe we have a purpose and it is none of what I have previously listed. To believe in one God or many is to believe that it is possible to perceive the absolute truth, to me that is problematic as I feel it would cancel the need for exploration and development. To solely serve a system is to be a pawn for those who the system serves, I have yet to see a system that is resistant to being subverted to the will of a few. It may not cancel out exploration, but one can only explore within the construct, development would still exist and new tools created that all citizens will have access to, but its design will be directed to serve the few. If one lives for one’s own pleasure, then one refuses to acknowledge that one is part of something beyond oneself. I do not believe that our ego is separate from the rest of humanity or the planet we live on. I believe we are all connected, and we are from this earth. One might think that serving oneself one would be totally free to explore and develop, however, I would argue that by so doing one is choosing to live in a sandbox and not the world. By serving the ego one will never be able to grow beyond the limits of oneself.

I believe we should all look for why we live, and the path should be an individual one, but to find something we must explore, therefore part of the reason for why we live must be to explore and with that develop and grow. I believe we are not meant to live within a static idea, system or an endless need for passive happiness. I see that as being destructive towards who we are. I believe it is important to understand that there is not a final answer, there is not a final stage, there is no ultimate enlightenment if one believes one has found that then one is embracing an idea that we are able to fully perceive truth. If there is something after death, then I believe that is only another step on our journey, and who is to say that there have not been many steps prior.

If the purpose is to explore then one is never meant to find all the answers or to achieve the ability to see everything, as that would cancel out the need to explore and with that exist. So then if God existed, it would cancel itself out, there would be no purpose for it to exist. It was aware, it knew all the truth and it ceased to exist. Interestingly the smallest moment will exist for an eternity, in contrast to time, which may end. But I digress.

How can one explore?

You do not have to travel across the world or read thousands of books. All you need to do is learn to see, with that I mean the ability to look at what you have seen a thousand times before and see it as if it was your first time. In essence one is being active in how one is seeing life, then you are exploring. Traveling and reading will help you to explore, but if you are not being active in how you see, you might as well be a plant.



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  1. Elaine Janice Venø November 24, 2018

    I have read your charter 4 a few times now. I think I understand that You would like people
    to look differantly or for the first time how we live And intertwine with each oter. We have alqays been destruktive AS a race And greed or frightened of losing power has always determined us

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